Why Buy From Us?

Most online shoppers worry about the quality and origin of the products they buy online, especially when they are purchasing from a new brand that they haven’t encountered before. Rest assured that at K&J Supplies we have personally travelled to every manufacturer, we have tested each item to make sure the craftsmanship is of an exceptionally high standard. We ensure that our factories practice and comply with stringent ethical work protocols. We don’t compromise on quality or integrity.

If you don’t already know, there are vast differences in the quality of items that look alike, and even more so with products that look the same! Manufactures make identical looking products using cheaper fabric, poor quality leather, cheaper parts, hollowed out finishing’s and tubes, porous plastics, paper filled plastics, cardboard filled MDF desks, the list just goes on and on.

This type of deception, worry and stress are precisely what we eliminate from your online experience! When you order from K&J Supplies you can sleep easy knowing that you are receiving a high quality product at a great price. Your experience and your satisfaction are what we care about most.

Our exceptional K&J Supplies support officers are on hand to take your call, providing you with personalised customer experiences. Our free warehouse pick up option and next business day dispatch are just some of the great benefits you will receive when purchasing from us. What have you got to loose! Relax, unwind, expand your mind and let K&J guide you through some of the most exciting and innovate products in home and office furniture. Enjoy!

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